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Homeschool Classes Puyallup/Tacoma

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Classes Start September 9th, 2019

 Cross Academy is for students that desire a hands-on approach to learning. Your student will embark on a journey of unfathomable discoveries. Every class session, they will be faced with challenges and obstacles that they must overcome using the powers of deduction, problem solving, observation, and analysis. Students will become fully immersed in hands-on labs and experiments as they utilize all their visual, auditory and kinesthetic skills.

Science is awesome and learning should be fun and exciting!

Your Teacher:

Jennifer Cross

Jennifer Cross

After homeschooling my own four kids into college, it was my turn to decide what I wanted to be when I grow up! 

Cross Academy was founded out of my love for teaching children. For 25 years I have enjoyed teaching, most recently the last 15 years in the homeschooling community both as a parent at home and in a local co-op.

I believe science should be experienced rather than just read about, therefore I choose to teach sciences with a hands-on approach. One of the most enjoyable parts of teaching for me is watching a student when they have that “ah-ha” moment of finally understanding the world around them. It is my personal belief education is more fulfilling when a student is being taught to, rather than led through a curriculum, so I teach to the child, not the curriculum.